Two Latshaw Water Delivery Llc Trucks

We fill swimming pools, cisterns, ponds, tanks and more!

Bulk Water Delivery in Greensburg, PA

Latshaw Water Delivery LLC delivers the finest, cleanest, purest water to customers in Greensburg, PA and throughout Westmoreland County. We specialize in bulk water delivery, bringing you enough water to fill hot tubs, swimming pools, cisterns and septic tanks, as well as for irrigation applications, special events and commercial construction projects. We use a mixture of stainless milk grade tanks and FDA-approved, food-grade virgin polyethylene tanks to keep our water safe and delicious. Customers usually ask why polyethylene? With our poly tanks we can haul more water while the tanks are more flexible. This is crucial when we need to get into those tight driveways and still deliver enough water to complete the job. No matter the quantity you need, we’re ready to deliver.

Bulk Water Delivery for Any Large-Scale Application

There are many reasons why you might need bulk water delivery in Greensburg, PA. Regardless of your situation or application, Latshaw Water Delivery LLC is standing by. We’ve been delivering bulk water to customers throughout the region for a decade, specializing in clean, safe water for pools, hot tubs, cisterns and more. When working with a new liner, we always use a defuser to help stretch the liner. We do this because we truly care about our customers and the investment they have in their pool. This is why pool installers love to hear you are using Latshaw Water.

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Latshaw Water Delivery Llc Trucks
Two Latshaw Water Delivery Llc Trucks

Our Team is Professional and Reliable

We’ll work with your pool installers or other contractors to coordinate delivery and make sure everything goes smoothly. No matter how many hundreds (or thousands) of gallons you need, we’re equipped to meet your expectations. Our medium-sized trucks won’t harm your driveway or compact your landscape, and we can usually maneuver into smaller places to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery. Our trucks come in different sizes to meet your needs. We currently have three sizes in our fleet: 3200 gallons, 4000 gallons, and 5300 gallons. We deliver pure city water, and we have designated clean water hydrants located throughout Westmoreland County which are permitted through the water authority and DEP to make water delivery quick and easy.

We pride ourselves on using a TRUE defuser to defuse the water until it is high enough to accept water without damaging the bottom of the pool.


From pool and hot tub filling, to construction and dust control, to bulk water delivery for just about any other residential, commercial and industrial applications, you can count on us. Not sure how much water you need? Give us a call and we’ll gladly help you estimate. We welcome new and returning customers, and we’re always mission-focused on bringing you clean, safe water in whatever capacity your application requires.

Our bulk water delivery capabilities span all volumes. Tell us how much you need!
We use custom defusers to defuse water so water goes in slower for your pool.
Our delivery capabilities reach residential and commercial customers alike.
We deliver by appointment only, at a time that’s most convenient for our customers.
We’re locally owned and operated in Greensburg, PA, serving Westmoreland County.

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We deliver by appointment only, but you can reach us during normal business hours throughout the week. Call today to speak with one of our friendly staff members about your needs.

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Filling Up Pool

We fill swimming pools, cisterns, ponds, tanks and more in, but not limited to:

  • Greensburg, PA
  • Plum, PA
  • Murrysville, PA
  • Latrobe, PA
  • Ligonier, PA
  • Apollo, PA
  • Mt Pleasant, PA
  • Blairsville, PA
  • Belle Vernon, PA
  • Monessen, PA
  • North Huntington, PA
  • Irwin, PA